by Tim Wenger

We’ve all wondered what happens when worlds collide. Fortunately, in the vast universe of modern music, it happens quite a bit. Just ask trumpeter Doug Jackson, Denver’s own funk-jazz pioneer who has returned to the Mile High City after an extended jaunt abroad and is hopeful that his trademark “FUAZZ” style is going to really catch on here. “I’m glad to be back home,” said Jackson. “It took a lot out of me. These tours, it’s not easy.”

“’Fuazz,’ where the funk meets the jazz,” Jackson says enthusiastically about his style. The sound is an eclectic mix of smooth jazz and upbeat, danceable funk. Jackson’s trumpet lines steer the course over full-band riffs that seem to perfectly embody the rich musical culture of the Five Points neighborhood he calls home. The full length record Stowaway is, at current, Jackson’s pride and joy, and rightfully so.  The album includes homages to many of Jackson’s heroes. “Sassafras Tea” is a tribute to James Brown, “Stowaway (on the Mothership)” big ups George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and “A Walk With Miles” is obviously the tribute to Miles Davis.

“All it is, is that good har backbeat-driving funk kinda stuff,” says Jackson. His earlier record, First Breath, was arranged by local phenom Joe Bonner. Jackson has spent his time doing the bar circuit, and hopes that Stowaway, the Five Points Jazz Festival, and other gigs this summer will help thrust him into the musical spotlight and allow him larger gigs. “I’m ready to go, man. I don’t want to do bar gigs. I want concerts, festivals, personal appearances, things of that nature, to get me moved up to the next phase.”

Denver will get its first chance in quite a while to witness his funk-jazz fusion at the Five Points Jazz Festival on May 17th. Jackson will be performing inside Coffee on the Point, 26th & Washington, at 1 pm.  Jackson’s music is available at and will also be available at his performance on May 17th. The festival also features the likes of Joe Bonner, Buckner Funkenjazz, Hot Tomatoes, After Midnight Trio,and many more on seven stages including a youth stage located throughout the Five Points/Rossonian area. Find out more information on the festival at